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Gypsy Deva Show ~Zoe Moon

Zoe Moon will be my guest as she shares her life as an Astrologer and we will explore the many sides to Astrology the Grand Cross and other earth changes and events happening now and on the horizon

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Comment by Elaina Proffitt on June 15, 2010 at 5:34pm



7pm PST~9pm CENTRAL~10pm EST

CALL IN- 646 -915-9819


"Watch the sky, watch it often: you will find signs there and when you see a grand sign (the Cross in the sky) the moment will be grave and anxious. Pray...Because I will come to the entire word in triumph with a great light..." Virgin at San Damiano (Mama Rosa) 13th May 1967

I have Always watched the sky since a little girl..my clients have always said, "You always are looking up and mention to us something you see in the clouds or night sky" Most do the same now after all of these years working together..
We are Interconnected in so many ways with this universe and the heavens do effect us on many levels..Solar Flares, the axes of the earth tilted from earthquakes..Mother Earth and Mother Ocean is not feeling good..

We all have been seeing and feeling mentally Emotionally and Physically the shifts that are happening all over this world and tomorrow night we will be finding out some of the reason why this is happening a most interesting perspective!

Join me on the show with one of the BEST upcoming Astrologers out there! I predict that ZOE MOON will break new ground in the world of Astrology..and I have a pretty good accuracy rate when saying those types of things!

Our conversations late at night have led me to asking her to share with us what is happening with all of these wild events occurring in the world..
Myself, Personally having predicted many events in the early 80's that now have arrived I want to know More about WHAT Could have also contributed to them other then our own stupidity!

SO We have decided to explore the Universe together and find understanding about some of these events and those to come...

So Get Comfortable and Get Ready
Zoe and I Travel through the Universe and see what is happening..



"The Great Year is a cycle lasting between 25,000 and 26,000 years, punctuated by four major markers of transformation. These four markers make up the Holy Cross. This grand cross in the sky has only just begun to be activated. It is extremely likely that 2010 to 2013 will show intense earth changes. The Holy Cross is a recurring galactic event known of and recorded by some of our ancestors.

A great many myths and sacred texts give accounts of the worst disasters of the past and even the reason for them, especially the last one, which was a Great Flood. They also recognized the nature of future disasters, because they were able to read the signs in the heavens, yet they expressed this understanding in a language we can no longer interpret. They told us also of the worst catastrophe which comes at the end of a Great Year cycle, where we are now."





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